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Our Corporate Vision

The vision of Vlachos Bros S.A. is to become a leader in the flexible packaging industry. To approach customers using scientific and techno-economic criteria, creating environmentally friendly materials and printings that, through their qualitative and aesthetic excellence, add value and act as a driver for the promotion of its customers’ products.

We are committed to achieving our vision through strategic planning and profitable growth, by being an innovative, dynamic, driven, and flexible company, responding to the constant challenges for new sustainable packaging solutions and, focusing on wowing our customers and not simply meeting their needs.

  • Creating environmentally friendly materials

  • Qualitative and aesthetic excellence of products

  • Strategic planning and profitable growth

  • An innovative, dynamic, driven, and flexible company.

  • We focus on wowing our customers, not simply meeting their needs.

Our Values

The pillars of our company’s values are responsiveness to protecting the environment, social responsibility and respect for our employees-partners, customers, and suppliers.

The footprint of our company’s activity on society, the environment, the products produced, and our partners must be characterized by quality, progress and sustainability. We focus on creating a corporate culture of excellence, quality, integrity, humanity, respect, trust and strong performance on the part of our partners.


Teamwork and cultivating mutually beneficial conditions are among our strengths. Together we learn more, inspire each other, solve problems faster, grow steadily and create leading-edge solutions.


Curiosity and thinking outside the box are the qualities that set us apart. We challenge narrowminded restrictions and constantly evaluate new ideas and approaches that are likely to help our clients gain an additional competitive advantage.


We set our goals higher and higher. Dedicated to our Growth Strategy, we are enthusiastic and constantly evaluate new opportunities, take calculated risks, and continuously expand our business activities


Reliability and transparency are the hallmarks of our partnerships. We are proud to be able to look our customers in the eye because we offer them solutions that deliver on our promises, and their recognition is the greatest reward for us.


We love and believe in what we do. Our passion is the driving force that enables us to realize the impossible and make it possible in order to transform consumers’ everyday experiences through our customers’ products.








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