Vlachos Bros S.A.

Vlachos Bros S.A. was created in order to provide high quality flexible packaging products and services. In a short period of time, it managed to gain the market’s trust thanks to its qualified staff, the quality and reliability of its products, and excellent collaborations with customers.


Covering every stage of the manufacturing process, we ensure high quality products, responding to the diverse needs of our customers and always staying abreast of technological developments. We develop new packaging solutions and optimize existing structures, using lighter more efficient materials.

Tons of product manufactured

Million euros, turnover in 2023

Employees & Associates


Annual turnover in exports

Exports countries

Applications & Products

Vlachos Bros S.A. offers a wide variety of flexible packaging materials for food, household products, personal hygiene products, pharmaceutical and chemical products, agrochemicals and farm supplies, tobacco products and more.


Sustainability lies at the heart of our company’s values. By refining our production processes for over 25 years, designing new products and implementing quality procedures, we add value to our products and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

The Research & Development department collaborates with customers and suppliers in order to develop new products and contribute to today’s demands with regard to sustainability and the circular economy.

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